02 November 2011

Haute Cakes & Cookies

We just completed the website for Haute Cakes and Cookies — online at www.hautecc.com. The goal of the site was to retain simplicity and elegance while still offering ease of use. We went to great lengths to balance the aesthetics with usability and search-engine-friendliness.

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09 August 2011

Matchbox 2.1 Released

We just launched MatchBox, one of our initial internal projects for public consumption. MatchBox is a project that aims to understand patterns and rhythms in your typing habits. This release is a Firefox Add-On that keeps starts learning your habits for you to use later. Once we’ve collected some data, we’ll be able to do some interesting analysis such as adding a layer of security to your browser based on whether or not the person typing matches your patterns, or show you a realistic “Words-Per-Minute” count, or show you how you compare to other typists of your gender/age.

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17 April 2011

New: Web Hosting

Attention to our web development customers:

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17 May 2010

The Beginning

Trestle Technology, LLC was formed in May of 2010.

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