17 April 2011

New: Web Hosting

Attention to our web development customers:

We’re now offering our own web hosting services! By integrating web hosting into our offerings, we can now offer you a single point of contact for all of your website needs. No more need to keep up with your logins and payments with some other web hosting company. Most importantly, no more need to worry while making changes on those stressful configuration pages. The highlights of this new model include:

  • A personal representative to manage any change you need to make to your web hosting setup — no need to guess about how to setup your website or lookup confusing acronyms.
  • Faster equipment on the back-end gives you faster page load times. Your visitors will spend less time waiting on the page to load, and more time looking at your content.
  • Comparable pricing to what you’d pay for a slower, impersonal hosting service!

You can get more information at our Web Hosting page, or checkout our Prices.