20 June 2012

Color Palettes in RGB Space

Introduction I've recently been interested in how to communicate information using color. I don't know much about the field of Color Theory, but it's an interesting topic to me. The selection of color palettes, in particular, has been a topic I've been faced with lately.

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13 April 2012

Jog for Jon

We just put the finishing touches on a quick site we developed for a charity fun-run; the site is available online at www.jogforjon.com. The goal of the site was to quickly and efficiently communicate information about the event to individuals interested in participating.

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22 November 2011

Sermon Sentiment Analysis

Matt Chandler vs. Mark Driscoll

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02 November 2011

Haute Cakes & Cookies

We just completed the website for Haute Cakes and Cookies — online at www.hautecc.com. The goal of the site was to retain simplicity and elegance while still offering ease of use. We went to great lengths to balance the aesthetics with usability and search-engine-friendliness.

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